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On the weekend I hung out at the Utopia Women’s Wellness event in Brisbane and was inspired by a whole bunch of wellness junkies and nutrition nuts. A stand out for me was listening to the Wellness Warrior, Jess Ainscough speak about lifestyle transformation. Jess spoke about the fact that we all know better but for some reason, we don’t do better. To combat this, we need to change our mindsets. For Jess, it took a terminal cancer diagnosis to force her to change her lifestyle. That was 5 years ago. She began to heal her body the natural way and took control of her own health. Most health programs and diets don’t factor in the whole equation. The mind and the spirit are completely ignored. We need to change this. If we want to heal, if we want to be healthy, we need to nourish the mind, body and spirit. Jess shared with us her 3 mindset secrets.

Self Love! We need to love ourselves enough to make the best possible choices. All our problems stem from the belief that we aren’t good enough. We look outside of ourselves for external gratification, but it doesn’t work and we end up in a vicious self loathing cycle. It all starts with acceptance. Wishing for things to be different is pointless, everything in our lives has happened for a reason. To cultivate self love we need to embrace alone time. When we are constantly surrounded by people we morph into them. We need to treat ourselves to alone time and we need to stop comparing ourselves to others. We all have our unique strengths. Instead of comparing yourself to someone, use them as inspiration. Jess shared with us her daily self love mantra, ‘I love and accept myself, no matter what.’ Say this mantra in front of the mirror every single day. Look into your own eyes – don’t look at the parts of you that your eyes usually divert to (the stuff you don’t like). Remember, your body hears what your mind says. Mantra’s are powerful little tools.

Be present. It’s simple really. The ego lives in the past and in the future. It cannot survive in the present. Silence the ego and live in the present. Meditation is the best tool for staying present. If you meditate every day (even if it’s only for 5 minutes), you are teaching your body to stay in the present moment. And remember, if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed, your breath is your anchor to the present moment. If you’re after more info on meditation, check out my post here.

Do the swap! Being healthy is not about deprivation, it’s not about counting calories and it’s certainly not about restrictions. It’s about upgrading your choices by making some simple switches and crowding out the bad stuff.

Swap ice-cream for fruit ice-cream (banana is my favourite) – see Jess’s recipe here

Swap chocolate for raw cacao powder

Swap cow’s milk for nut milk – see my recipe here

Swap soft drinks for coconut water or filtered water

Swap coffee and tea for herbal teas

Swap canola oil for coconut oil

Swap cheese for nut cheese – see recipe here

Swap white sugar for raw honey, maple syrup and dates

Swap bread for Ezekiel bread – see recipe here

Swap grains for buckwheat and quinoa

Swap desserts for raw desserts – see my favourite recipe here

Swap cereal for homemade granola – see my recipe here

Swap energy drinks for green juice with spirulina or superfood smoothies – see my recipe here

Swap table salt for sea salt or Himalayan salt

Jess left us with some amazing tools. Which of Jess’ mindset secrets will you be implementing?

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  1. Unfortunately Jess still has cancer. Did she tell you that she was cancer-free, or was that just the impression she gave? Anyway, you should probably amend this post to prevent misleading anyone else.

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