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I’ve had quite a few questions recently about how I stayed healthy whilst travelling around the States (New York, LA and San Fran). You can check out my holiday pics here and read more about my top healthy travel tips below:

Ensure your hotel/apartment has a kitchen, or at least a fridge. I ate greek yoghurt, chia pudding, berry and granola cups (see pic above) everyday for breakfast and I needed a fridge to be able to do this. For me, it’s so important that I eat breakfast soon after I rise whilst on holidays. Otherwise I end up walking around the streets starving and searching for a healthy cafe. If I can’t find one, I get grumpy and eat whatever I come across.

Stay close to a supermarket. I made sure the hotels I stayed in were close to Wholefoods (massive organic health food supermarket chain in the US). This made buying breakfast and snacks super easy. Wholefoods also have a healthy buffet section so if we were close to the hotel at meal times, we often ate at Wholefoods.

Stay close to a couple of healthy restaurants/cafes. Do your research before you go and pick your accommodation accordingly. It’s really important to not only write down the name of the restaurant/cafe, but also the address and the type of restaurant they are (juice bar, raw vegan, organic, etc). Do not rely on having wifi available all the time.

Carry snacks with you everywhere. My favourites were bliss balls, nuts, granola bars and fruit. This way, you always have something handy to eat, rather than getting super hungry whilst searching for a restaurant/cafe and then eating whatever your can lay your hands on.

Take your own food on the plane. Plane food is terrible. You CAN take your own food on the plane. You will not be allowed liquids over 100mL and you will not be allowed you to take fresh food off the plane. But other than that, take whatever you like. On the plane I took a massive salad with quinoa, green apples, bliss balls, berries, almond butter to spread on the green apples, dark chocolate, nuts, flax crackers, chia pudding and herbal tea bags.

Choose destinations that support your foodie/health values. I haven’t had any trouble sourcing healthy food in Bali, New York, San Fran, LA, Sydney, Byron Bay, Brisbane and Melbourne recently. Next on my list are Hawaii, Thailand and Perth. If you’re heading somewhere that’s a little trickier, don’t stress, it is a holiday after all. Just do your best and go with the flow.

Take your supplements! Your body is under extreme stress whilst travelling so make sure you support it as much as possible. You can read more about my essential supplements here.

Stay hydrated, especially when flying. Carry a water bottle with your everywhere and drink, drink, drink. Ask for a bottle of water when dining in and make sure you drink the entire bottle before you leave.

Move your body. You don’t have to join a gym or even go for a run every morning (but if you want to, that’s great!). Simply aim to walk or cycle everywhere you go, rather than catching public transport or driving.

Take lavender oil. Use lavender oil in baths and on your temples to reduce stress and stay calm. Lavender oil is especially useful when flying if you have a tendency to feel anxious.

Carry superfood powders with you. I like spirulina, maca and raw cacao. Mix them into smoothies, juices or water while you’re on the go.

Can you add any more healthy travel tips to this list?

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