Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks sets out the actions I took to transform myself from tired, anxious and stressed to happy, energetic, vibrant and peaceful. You can choose to make one positive change per day to transform your life in 8 weeks or one positive change per week to transform your life in just over 1 year.

Check out what everyone’s already been saying about my little book of goodness:

“Emily is gorgeous, inspiring and passionate about showing people how to live a healthier and happier life. Her 8 week transformation guide is easy to follow, full of wonderful suggestions, and each week you will feel completely inspired to make changes and really transform your life. So well presented and I highly recommend”.

Dr. Ashlee Good – Osteopath and Health Coach at Goodbeing

“Transform Your Life in 8 weeks, breaks down – the often overwhelming – big lifestyle changes into small steps that you can easily incorporate into your life, one day or week at a time, in a really fun and manageable way. Emily’s beautiful words of wisdom left me feeling inspired and motivated to take my lifestyle transformation to the next level.”

Jennie Murphy – Creating a Colourful Life Coach & Blogger at Creating a Colourful Life

“Emily’s 8 week program helps set you back on track to living a life you love.  It’s a step-by-step 8 week guide that is easy to follow and will implement changes in your life that will not just become part of your routine but something you can share and teach to family and friends.  In the program Emily teaches about self love, gratitude and kindness – all essential things that can change your life and give you rewards worth thriving for.  Take the leap and DO this for yourself, you deserve it.”

Jema Lee – Wellness & Nutrition Coach, Health Advisor, Speaker and Blogger at Wellsome

“Emily provides practical and easy to follow steps in Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks that will make a huge difference to your health and happiness when implemented into your day to day life.”

Jessica Nazarali – Blog Mentor at Live Healthy Simply

“Emily is truly a breath of fresh air when it comes to health and wellness. I can really connect and relate to all that she is motivated about and I’m sure you will too. Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks will be just what you need not only to kick start your summer holidays but will also keep you on a healthy journey all year long”.

Karly Fisher- Naturopath Student and Blogger at Healthy Ambitions

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