Top 15 Cleansing Foods


Add these top 15 detox foods into your weekly meal planning to support your body through its natural detoxification process. If you’re interested in cleansing, you can join me here to learn more.

Chia Seeds and Flax Seeds – great for digestion. These seeds work to cleanse the digestive tract. Chia puddings are a delicious way to enjoy chia seeds.

Coriander – detoxifies the body of heavy metals such as mercury. Heavy metals accumulate over time within the body due to poor food choices and environmental exposure. Coriander binds with these metals inside the body and eliminates them.

Parsley – cleanses the kidneys and detoxifies the liver (all bitter greens are excellent liver detoxifiers). Garnish your meals with parsley and add it into your green juices.

Watercress – excellent at cleaning the colon to effectively remove toxins from the body and supports red blood cells. Add fresh watercress to salads and juices.

Sprouts – contain high levels of easily digestible nutrients. Nutrition, raw food and superfood expert, David Wolfe is a huge fan of sprout juice. They’re also great in salads and lightly cooked in stir fry’s.

Seaweed and Algae – like coriander, seaweed and algae bind with heavy metals to eliminate them from the body. They are also extremely alkalising. Add spirulina to your juices and seaweed to soups and salads.

Beets – supports liver detoxification and cleanses and oxygenates the blood. I recommend fresh raw grated beetroot in salads and beetroot juice.

Celery – aids digestions and hydration, clears excess fluids from the body, contains cleansing properties and has an alkalising effect on the body. I recommend fresh raw celery in salads, cooked celery in stir fry’s and stews and of course celery juice.

Cucumber – comprises 95% water which assists with hydration and the elimination of toxins. Also a great source of fibre which flushes toxins through the body.

Brocolli – anti-inflammatory superfood that boasts a powerful nutritional profile. Phytocheimcals glucoraphanin, gluconasturtiin and glucobrassicin aid natural detoxification.

Cauliflower – supports phase 1 and 2 detoxification of the liver as it contains both antioxidants and sulphur-containing nutrients.

Brussels sprouts – contain glucosinolates which are required for the detoxification of cancer-causing substances.

Kale – contains fibre and sulphur which are both critical for detoxification of the body and liver health.

Green Vegetables – your liver loves green vegetables as they increase enzymes to support liver detoxification. Green vegetables high in fibre are effective in cleaning out the colon to remove toxins naturally.

Filtered Water – it is extremely important that we drink enough water each day to stay hydrated. Our body finds it extremely difficult to absorb nutrients when it is dehydrated. I recommend filtered water, it’s the cleanest source of water available.

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