The Truth About Detox


Our body does an amazing job of naturally cleansing itself. The major organs in the body’s detoxification system include the intestines, liver, kidneys, skin, gallbladder, lungs and lymphatics. A healthy cleanse will engage all of these major organs. Cleanses are traditionally associated with a quick-fix liquid diet involving fasting. This is unhealthy. It fails to engage our major organs and places additional strain on our system. Did you know that we need protein in order to cleanse properly? This is why I’ve designed my Conscious Cleanse program. It’s a nutritional cleanse with a 7 day meal plan including all recipes and a real food shopping list. I’m so passionate about people taking care of their health and avoiding expensive and fraudulent cleansing systems. Today I’m sharing how Conscious Cleanse assists the body’s natural detox organs:

Intestines – due to a lifestyle high in processed food, alcohol, environmental toxins and stress, many of us are experiencing poor digestion. Our digestive systems are the foundation of good health – it turns our food into fuel. You may eat the best produce available; however, if your digestion is sluggish you won’t absorb the nutrients required for optimal health.

Liver – our liver filters our blood to remove toxins and breaks down toxins within the body via a two phase process. During the first phase, toxins are neutralised and broken down into smaller fragments. During the second phase, these smaller fragments are bound to non-toxic molecules so that they can be safely excreted in bile, urine or stool.

Kidneys – our kidneys are responsible for hormone production, filtering excess water and sodium and cleansing our blood. They are one of our most vital organs.

Skin – our skin does an amazing job at releasing excess toxins from the body through our pores. Blemishes can be a healthy sign that our body is detoxifying naturally.

Gallbladder – the gallbladder stores bile produced by the liver. It releases this bile through small ducts into the intestine to help digest fats. A healthy gallbladder results in optimal weight.

Lungs – you may not be able to control the air you breathe; however, you can support your lung health with specific foods, herbs and practices to ensure a clean body.

Lymphatics – the lymphatic system transfers waste and dead cells from our body to the bloodstream ready for detoxification by the liver. It works via the contraction of muscles. Our muscles are contracted via movement/exercise, breathing and manual stimulation (such as dry body brushing or massage).

You can purchase my Conscious Cleanse ($9) here.

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