The Conscious Foodie

Welcome to my very first blog post as The Conscious Foodie! I am passionate about natural wellness and health, nutritional wholefoods, clean organic living, a sustainable future, self love, gratitude and kindness.

Above all, I believe wellness begins in the kitchen. That’s why I am super keen to share my foodie journey as I navigate my way through the health maze.

I don’t like labels. I’m not vegetarian, paleo, sugar free, vegan or raw. But I am a wholefoods lover! Processed ‘food-like substances’ just don’t do it for me. My diet mainly consists of vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, legumes, beans and pulses. Sometimes I eat a little meat, dairy and grains, but only if my body needs it. I don’t count calories – you don’t need to when you’re simply eating wholefoods!

It’s not easy to choose right from wrong when we live in the information age and have access to so many opinions, ideas and studies. I am continuing to learn all the time and would love to share my experience with you all so that we can connect and grow together.

Each week I will be posting 3 blogs on a range of topics including recipes and food, natural health, exercise, stress, nutrition, sustainability, self love, gratitude and kindness. In every post I will share a little bit of myself with you. I gain my inspiration from the people I surround myself with, meditating, reading, learning, life and nature. I aim to inspire lovely people like you and create a kind little community that has a burning passion for wellness.  If this sounds like you, please jump aboard!

Most importantly, please remember that my posts are my story. We are all different. What works for me and my body may not be good for yours.  Listen to your body. It will tell you what it needs and when it needs it. It will also tell you what it doesn’t like.

So lovely, share with me – what works for your body? And what doesn’t?

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