Cheat’s Guide to Health

If you think you don’t have the time and energy to be healthy, think again! Here are some super simple and easy ways to incorporate a little bit of health into your day!

    1. Incorporate a few prep hours into your week (mine is Sunday afternoon) for shopping, menu planning and cooking. Your week will flow so smoothly and staying healthy will be super easy.
    2. Have nutritious home-made meals (soup is great) in the freezer for emergencies and time poor days. This way, there is no temptation to order take away or eat cheese on toast for dinner.
    3. Have healthy snacks in your pantry or fridge (like bliss balls) to curb cravings. If you have healthy snacks around, you won’t ever crave the bad stuff.
    4. Carry a boiled egg in your handbag. This sounds weird but it’s such a great idea! If you get hungry when you’re out and about, you’ll always have a healthy, quick and easy snack on hand.
    5. Buy wholefoods (fruit, vegetables, wholegrains, meat and dairy), not packaged food-like substances. Easy.
    6. If you are buying something packaged, read the label. If you don’t know exactly what everything is, if you can’t pronounce a word or if there are more than 5 ingredients, don’t buy it.
    7. Do not shop at a conventional supermarket. Therefore are too many unhealthy options and specials to entice you. Shop at farmer’s markets, a health food store (still read labels!) or a fruit and vegetable shop/wholesaler.
    8. Just change one thing each week. In time, these little changes you have made over time will become your way of life. In a year’s time, you will be living a completely different life.
    9. DO NOT have a spring clean and clear out your fridge, pantry and cupboards when you start your health and wellness journey. This may feel symbolic and empowering but it will end in disaster. The time and money you will have to invest in one hit to convert your home to a wellness nest is huge. You will feel lost and overwhelmed and start questioning what you are doing. It will all become too hard. You need to convert gradually. When you run out of an item, ask yourself if you’ll replace it with the same item of if there’s a better option available. If there is, simply switch. The process will be gradual and easy and it will flow with grace. Before you know it, you’ll be a wellness junkie! What are your top easy tips for good health?
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