Tarnea O’Meara

Tarnea O'Meara

Tarnea O’Meara is a Sunshine Coast surfer and foodie currently competing on the WQS. She combines her love for travel, surf and food effortlessly. Tarnea describes herself as a health, paleo, organic freak that loves cooking from scratch that doesn’t believe in the calorie low fat system. Meet Tarnea…

Tell us about your journey, what sparked your passion for the health and wellness industry?

My mum! She is a leading Nutritionist and my inspiration. Growing up with her has now made me really appreciate what food I put in my body. When I was younger, I didn’t really appreciate it, I would often swap lunch box snacks because I never got to eat Roll ups or teddy bears! My dad is a chiropractor who also is in the health industry. I have been surrounded with healthy individuals all my life.

What’s your number one wellness tip?

Listen to your body and use single ingredients. If you cant grow it, pick it, or shoot it, don’t eat it…. Just be a JERF (Just East Real Food).

What’s your one non-negotiable when it comes to your health?

I refuse to take a panadol or any form of drug medication. I use food and natural remedies for healing. I believe that the pain is there for a reason, and your body is telling you to rest, take a break and don’t move in that way.

What motto do you live by?

I see everyday is a new day, don’t let a bad day yesterday determine the outcome of today. Move on, learn and grow.

What is your proudest achievement?

Well thinking in the past year, I was pretty stoked I passed all my university exams. I hadn’t spent much time on school and really pushed my butt into gear at the end and passed them all! It might be small to others, but I was pretty proud!

What are your goals for the future?

Right now I’m competing on the WQS for surfing for my goal to reach the World Tour in the next couple of years. I also hope to own my own food products that I’m working on now.

Tell us something not many people know about you?

I get a bad case of hangry (angry when hungry) and I’m scared of hairdressers….I actually get so nervous sitting in that chair.

Can you share with us one of your favourite recipes?

Coconut Ice

Coconut Ice Recipe


Base Ingredients:

2 cups coconut
1 cup macadamias (soaked)
1 cup cashews (soaked)
1 tablespoon honey

Top Layer Ingredients:

1 cup of Raspberries or strawberries
1 teaspoon of vanilla essence


Blend all base ingredients until sticky and combined. Place half of the mixture into a container spreading evenly. Blend the top layer ingredients with the left over base ingredients until smooth. Spread over base layer and freeze. Best eaten within 15 minutes from removal of fridge.

Where can we find you?

Instagram and Facebook


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