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Sara Brooke

I’ve always known about the power of meditation. I’ve written about it here. However, I found it extremely difficult to actually do UNTIL I found a magical CD called The Space in Between Sessions: Activate Your Inner Buddha by the lovely Sara Brooke from The Space In Between. Sara is an amazing Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher and Theta Healer Practioner. Her album includes three guided meditations to help assist newbies and intermediate mediators access their “Buddha” self on a regular basis. The album is available on itunes here and the physical CD can be bought directly from Sara’s website here. Meet Sara!

Tell us about your journey, what sparked your passion for the health and wellness industry? 

My journey began over 9 years ago now. I was going through a difficult transition time in my life where I had an overwhelming feeling that something was missing, life was definitely not flowing for me. I was anxious, depressed, lost, flat and numb. I was spending the week working in my corporate job and then partying hard on the weekends trying to seek that missing aspect and that lifestyle reached breaking point when my parents separated – that stress, on top of everything else was the toppling point that made me reach breaking point. I am so grateful for that crisis breaking point, as it led me to an amazing counsellor who suggested I start meditating. I joined a weekly group run by a phenomenal teacher Diane Collett, and so the journey began. Haven’t looked back. Meditation gave me access to a part of myself that I wasn’t aware existed, and it was exactly the piece that had been missing. A couple of months after I started meditating I was drawn to do my Reiki 1 level, and that is when my journey with healing energy started – and things have flowed and developed since then. I love learning, exploring and working with all my clients and students. I feel like I have definitely found my soul purpose of what I am meant to be doing with my life within this industry. Love it.

What’s your number one wellness tip?

Be present. In this moment here and now.

Seriously it is as easy and as complicated as that. When we are present and living in the moment everything is always okay. Even if there is sh*t to deal with, when you are present you always know exactly what to do next. Our problems only ever really arise when we are stuck in our minds, projecting into the future or stuck replaying stories from the past.

What’s your one non-negotiable when it comes to your health?

I have a couple. For me it’s making sure I have a decent amount of alone time each week to recharge and meditate. Also I get regular healing sessions monthly to make sure I am looking after myself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I rotate around what I do depending on what I need at the time, reiki, focusing therapy, theta healing, kinesiology, mentoring and massage are all in my tool box of “go-to’s”.

What motto do you live by?

It changes as I change, and depends on where I am at on my journey and what I am working through in that moment. Presently I am working with the power of the feminine. Living less from the mind, and more from my heart, and my felt sense.

What is your proudest achievement?

Finishing my meditation album “Activate Your Inner Buddha” late last year. The album had been in the creative pipelines for quite some time so it was wonderful to get it completed and out into the world. I have received some wonderful feedback about the album and nothing pleases me more than hearing about the positive transformational effects that people are getting from using it and meditating.

What are your goals for the future?

For the immediate future it is working on the next meditation album – which will include around 3 – 4 meditations that will have the intention of healing. I am also working on a chapter of a book for a friend of mine that will also include a special meditation that is designed as a healing tool. The book is about grief and the healing journey that goes with grief. It’s a project close to my heart after I lost my cousin suddenly late last year and I am looking forward to completing it and being able to share it with people who are also on that journey.

Beyond that I would love to take my work to a wider audience, I am planning on doing a big overhaul of my website so I can introduce a blog and start writing, I also want to teach a number of online classes and workshops – so that I can take what I do now around Melbourne, to a wider audience and be able to teach meditation and a few other things that I do online. I absolutely adore what I do and I am very passionate about it, doing this work makes me feel alive – so in terms of the future, whatever I can do and be to keep this feeling would be awesome.

Tell us something not many people know about you?

As well as a meditation teacher and healer I am also a singer. I spent my twenties singing in clubs around Melbourne, doing covers and my own songs over DJ sets. I still adore electronic dance music and singing, however late night club gigs and running self development workshops on the weekend don’t really mix that well haha. So for now singing is on the side until I find a new way to integrate it into what I do now. Vocal chords still get a good work out every time I am driving in my car, so for now that is okay haha.

Can you share with us one of your favourite recipes?

My fav recipes at the moment all come from one of my best friends Adele McConnell. She is an amazing intuitive cook, she is about to release a cook book, has a couple of ebooks and runs a fantastic blog and website

Where can we find you?


Do you meditate lovely? How often?

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