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Kitchen Tour (Buderim clinic)


The Kitchen Tour is conducted in the kitchen at my clinic in Buderim, Sunshine Coast. The tour session lasts for 1 hour. I teach you exactly what you need to purchase to create a healthy kitchen. I provide you with a copy of my shopping list for you to use in the future and the show you healthy products and brands to look out for at the grocery store.

Importantly, I show you snack products that you can buy off the shelf at your local supermarket. These products are the game changers. Most of my clients can plan healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner meals throughout the week. However, they become unstuck when they’re hungry mid-morning and mid-afternoon. They typically don’t have healthy snacks on hand so they reach for the quickest and easiest foods to satisfy their cravings. This usually ends up being chocolate, cake, biscuits and takeaway. I teach you how to have healthy snacks available at all times so matter what the cravings, you can satisfy them. Yes, this include healthy chocolate snacks, caramel snacks, puddings, chips, popcorn, etc. Whatever you crave, I can show you the healthy version. Because remember, restrictions result in cravings which turn into binges.

Product Description

I understand that you don’t have hours each weekend to prep and bake snacks, so I focus on ready-made snacks or 5 minute prep snacks. However, I also teach you how to prepare and bake some simple snacks so that if you’re ever feeling adventurous or have spare time on the weekend, you have a few go-to recipes available. These recipes are also helpful should you have guests over have to ‘bring a plate to share’ to any event.

Next, I teach you how to read food labels. This will enable you to confidently choose other snacks in the supermarket. I provide a pocket food label guide to make this easy for you so you don’t have to remember everything. You can simply refer to your handy guide. I place a particular importance on fats, fibre, salt and sugar. If you can get these four nutrients under control, the rest will fall into place.

Please note kitchen tours are generally only available on weekend days, as I dedicate weekdays to nutritional consults in clinic. Please advise if you require otherwise. Once purchased, please contact me via phone or email to arrange a suitable time.

If you have children, please feel free to bring them along. They can learn which products to look out for to help you on your weekly shop. They can also try different snack foods to see which ones might work for your family before purchasing.

If you need to cancel, please provide 24 hours notice, otherwise you will forfeit your payment.

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