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Conscious Life Guide Ebook

Conscious Life Guide Ebook (online via email)


Conscious Life Guide is a step-by-step guide to transform your plate including easy food swaps, real food shopping list, meal planner and so much more. I have developed this book following years of university study and real life nutritional consult experience. Basically, the guide includes everything that I cover within my consulting sessions. I want you to have all the tools available to completely transform your life. You do not need to be a nutritionist to eat healthy and feel well. You intuitively already know what you need to do to fuel your body so this book is simply a reference to guide to you on your own path.

Product Description

First I share my story where I got myself trapped in a vicious cycle of hating and hurting myself. I was living in the past and stressed about the future. I felt I had no control over my moods and I blamed everything and everyone but myself. I was deeply ashamed. My doctor taught me about using food as medicine. Imagine that! A GP prescribing nutrient rich food instead of a prescription. How lucky am !? This is at the top of my gratitude list every single day and now I tell anyone who will listen.

Then I detail the mind work I did to get me where I am today. I place a particular importance on your mindset. Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you’re right. Affirmations have been game-changers for me and my health. This leads onto my food philosophy, where I strongly believe in treats. Restrictions result in cravings which turn into binges. It’s perfectly okay to indulge in your favourite treats in moderation. Remember, one bad meal doesn’t result in weight gain or a breakout. The guilt surrounding indulgences is far more damaging to your body than enjoying a treat.

Next I share what I put on my plate each day so that you can remember the art of balance. I teach you nutrition 101 where we learn about the macronutrients and how much we should be eating of each. I call this ‘my perfect plate’. I also provide you with some tips and tricks to allow you to eat cleanly with ease. We speak about things like meal prep, labels, and how to make lasting change. Another handy trick is my simple food swaps, where I let you in on the secrets to good health. Note, you can still enjoy ice cream, chocolate and chips. We learn that there is a good version of everything and a bad version of everything.

I teach you how to shop organic without the price tag and I let you know my favourite health foods. These foods aren’t super expensive ‘superfoods’. They’re real foods that you can buy in your local grocery store, because I want good health to be accessible to everyone. Of course, I also share the best superfoods for those wanting to supercharge their diet.

The most transformational tool in the book is my mindful eating food diary. I use this diary in clinic to teach my clients how to be their own nutritionist. Because let’s face it, nobody knows your body like you do. I want you to learn how your body reacts to certain foods so that you can develop your own diet. My book contains a step-by-step guide showing you how to do this.

Last but not least, (I think the most important chapter of my book!) I share my healing gut health protocol. As nutritionists, we are taught in clinic that gut health is paramount. You may be eating the healthiest diet available, however, if your gut is compromised, it won’t be assimilating nutrients. Unfortunately, almost everyone’s gut health is compromised due to stress, sugar, etc. If you take nothing else from this book but the gut protocol, I promise you’ll feel one million times more energetic, because your body will actually be able to use your food as fuel.

Bonus extra resources include my shopping list, kitchen list and meal planner to ensure you have all the tools and are well equipped for your new healthy lifestyle. Because remember, health is a lifestyle not a quick fix. So ensure the changes you make are  sustainable and you will be successful beyond your wildest dreams.

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