I have an 18 year old daughter who has been off track like you were. She was brought up sugar free and mainly organic. Over the last few years her moods (depression/self harm) and her skin have suffered and much more. Drugs cigarettes and alcohol have been in her life along with the self loathing which we all know only too well. To watch this beautiful child struggle has been very difficult for her and myself as well, but I know it’s been a necessary part of her self development. She has finally shifted focus and has started walking in nature for an hour a day, NO sugar, but lots of avocado, eggs and the other foods on your list. We are getting there finally after a few challenging years so THANKYOU SO MUCH, I am so grateful!!! It is exactly what we all need. Integrity with simplicity! Thankyou so much again.
SusannaNutritional Consult
Emily’s beautiful words of wisdom left me feeling inspired and motivated to take my lifestyle transformation to the next level.
JennieDietary Assessment
The meal plan was an excellent guide but the self-love planner was a real eye opener! I’d never thought to devote so much time to myself and it was really lovely to see what I could do and how much time I got. It’s not expensive and it’s not hard. If you have no trouble paying $10 for a McDonalds meal then you should also have no trouble being able to show yourself some self care. The ideas, recipes and detox information that Emily offers helps you understand where she is coming from and why you should start changing your eating habits.
JulieNutritional Cleanse
Emily is truly a breath of fresh air when it comes to health and wellness. I can really connect and relate to all that she is motivated about and I’m sure you will too.
KarlyConscious Life Guide
Wow Emily this is really thorough, I don’t think I expected that – I’m so pleased! Thankyou!
I think I would also like to so some email coaching because I have some specific questions for you; things about different smoothies I can incorporate into my day to provide a balance of nutrients – I think I’ve been using the same ingredients over and over so I feel like I’m not getting a wide variety of nutrients. And how even my current meal recipes could be improved. I would like to make lasting change, you’re right – it’s not a fad, and I want to learn more about balance. And I think understanding why I’m eating a specific food helps me include it in my day.  Thanks so much!
I’ll have to print this out at work now!
KateCustom Meal Plan
Emily is an inspiration to anyone looking to better their health and life. She makes healthy living simple and straightforward with her down to earth and practical tips.
JessicaMeal Plan
Thank you so much Emily for taking the time to set out exactly what I needed to do from a nutritional perspective. There is so much confusing information available these days so it’s comforting to receive advice from someone I trust. Your advice has made such a difference in my life – I finally have the energy and confidence to live my life on my terms. I would highly recommend Emily. She is practical and knowledgeable but also has the ability to be understanding and empathic which is a rarity in today’s world. Thank you Emily. 
OliviaWeight Loss Guide

Emily is gorgeous, inspiring and passionate about showing people how to live a healthier and happier life.
AshConscious Kitchen


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