Orange Zinger Juice

Carrot and Ginger Juice Compress

If you’re wondering why I’m addicted to vegetable juices, here’s why.

Instant hit of vitamins, minerals and live enzymes – when a vegetable is juiced the vitamins, minerals, live enzymes and water are extracted and the fibre (pulp) is left behind. So when you’re drinking a glass of fresh vegetable juice, you’re giving your body an instant hit of the good stuff in a much larger quantity than possible if you’re eating the whole vegetable or blending it in a smoothie.

Easy to digest and detoxifying – juicing discards the fibre and allows you to consume a vast array of nutrients giving your body a break from digestion and assisting with the natural detoxification process. Of course, it’s best to source organic produce for a true detox. Read my post here which lists the cleanest produce and the most contaminated produce.

Great hydration tool – starting your day with a fresh green juice is a great hydration tool. A hydrated body is better able to absorb vitamins and minerals. You may be eating the most nutrient dense food on the planet but if your body is dehydrated it won’t be able to absorb and assimilate the nutrients.

My top tip is to drink your vegetable juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. The vitamins and minerals are more easily absorbed on an empty stomach. If you can, drink your vegetable juice fresh. Contact with oxygen depletes the nutrients. If you need to store your juice, I would recommend a dark glass airtight container in the fridge.

Today I’m sharing my Orange Zinger Juice recipe.


4 carrots
1cm fresh ginger
1 green apple
½ lemon


Chop all ingredients and feed through juicer. Chill juice before serving.

PS If you love juice, you might also enjoy my Summer Juice or my Green Cleansing Tonic.

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