Nut Milk


Nut milk is so simple to make yourself – it only takes a few minutes. I don’t know why anyone would buy sweetened heat treated ‘nut milk’ from the supermarket when it’s so easy and cheap to make yourself. The beauty of this recipe is that you can substitute with any nuts. I love almond milk and hazelnut milk. Walnut milk is also nice. Make sure you save the left over pulp as well. It can be frozen and then added to smoothies or dehydrated to make almond meal.


1 cup nuts of your choice

3 cups hot water (not boiling)


Place nuts and hot water into a blender. Process until smooth and ‘milky’. Strain through a sieve, chux cloth or cheese cloth. The smooth milky liquid can then be refrigerated. This is your nut milk! This recipe makes about 2 cups of milk and 3/4 cup pulp. Alter the recipe quantities to suit your needs. What is your favourite nut milk? Do you flavour your nut milk? I love cacao, cinnamon, vanilla and banana! Strawberry is also delicious. After you’ve strained your milk, clean out your blender and blend the nut milk with your favourite flavours. Yum!

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