Nourishing Affirmations

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I don’t prescribe a particular diet. I don’t identify myself as being vegetarian, vegan, paleo, etc. For me, these labels are too restrictive and encourage obsessive behaviour. Being healthy isn’t about restrictions; it’s about creating new habits.

I focus on eating wholefoods (foods in their natural state or as close as possible to their natural state) and nourishing my body. Foods I love include vegetables, fruit, wholegrains, meat, eggs, legumes, pulses, beans, nuts and seeds. Foods I avoid (but not restrict completely) include gluten, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, and anything highly processed such as cereals, cakes, margarine, table salt, vegetable oil, processed meats, bread and frozen meals.

I strongly believe in treats. Restrictions result in cravings which turn into binges. It’s perfectly okay to indulge in your favourite treats in moderation. Remember, one bad meal doesn’t result in weight gain or a breakout. The guilt surrounding indulgences is far more damaging to your body than enjoying a treat. It’s much healthier to enjoy treats once in a while rather than obsessively restrict yourself.

I have a few key food affirmations that I follow. Here are my nourishing affirmations:

I nourish my body – wholefoods are fuel for my body. Food provides me with energy, vitality and great moods.

I value wholefoods – my body knows how to digest wholefoods. It does not know how to digest preservatives, additives, colours, flavours and enhancers.

I count nutrition – counting calories becomes completely unnecessary when my food doesn’t come with labels.

I create new habits – for me being healthy isn’t about restrictions. I crowd out the bad stuff with good stuff.

I release perfectionism – I choose the healthiest option available to me. I will not stress about what I cannot control.

I take responsibility – I will listen to my body, recognise its needs and nourish it with wholefoods and self-love.

Print these affirmations out and place them on your fridge!

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