A night with Jess Ainscough

Jess Ainscough

Now that Jess Ainscough’s Australian Wellness Warrior Tour has officially finished, I can let you in on the secrets I learnt during my night with Jess. I attended the Brisbane leg of the tour which celebrates the launch of Jess’ book Make Peace with Your Plate. The Brisbane special guests were nutritionist Cyndi O’Meara, who wrote Changing Habits, Changing Lives, film-maker James Colquhoun, who made the films Food Matters and Hungry For Change, and singer/songwriter Wes Carr, who is wowing audiences with his latest venture Buffalo Tales.

On the night we were treated to live music from Wes and insights from Jess and her special guests. Some of my favourites were:

Presence equals clarity – being present and striving to continuously live in the present moment brings clarity and creativity to our lives. This resonated with me because personally, I’ve always believed that great ideas come from the void.

Acceptance is the precursor to self-love – we must learn to accept and respect ourselves before we can truly love ourselves and others.

Ditch the diet dogma – listen to your body and respect what it is telling you. Our bodies are extremely smart and intuitive. There is no reason to place a label on the way you eat. Everybody is different. One diet does not suit all.

Our bodies crave what they are used to – it’s not until you take away what your body doesn’t need that it can speak to you.

Every experience teaches us a lesson – these lessons make us into the perfect person. Everything happens for a reason.

No disease is incurable – however, some people are incurable. A controversial subject raised by Cyndi O’Meara, but one I agree with totally.

Heal the disconnect between our body and head – with the rise of mental illness, it dumbfounds me that doctors do not recognise a link between the body and head.

Love heals more than 100 green juices do – you can eat the best foods available, however, if your mind and spirit continue to suffer every day (negative thoughts, stress, etc) you can never truly heal.

Our bodies know best – Cyndi asked the audience an interesting question. She asked whether a person was sick or healthy when they were throwing up? Most people replied with ‘sick’. Cyndi went on to explain that the person was actually extremely healthy. The body recognised that something bad was inside and it needed to remove it. It does this by throwing up or increasing our temperature. Cyndi was amazed that people are so quick to take tablets to stop themselves from throwing up or take a panadol and have a cool shower when they have a fever. She believes that they’re much better off allowing the body to cleanse itself and eliminate the bug.

Did you attend the Wellness Warrior Tour? What was your highlight?

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