Natural Headache Cures

Vitamin Water

Headaches often result from poor blood flow, muscle tension, dehydration or inflammation. Most of the natural headache cures I’m sharing today focus on these aspects of good health.

Hydration – drink your water. Aim for 2L each day. Carry a bottle around with you to ensure you have access at all times. If you struggle to drink water, try my Vitamin Water.

Exercise – some gentle exercise is a great way to increase your blood flow and release muscle tension. Walking, yoga, stretching or a gentle run are fantastic options.

Stress – reduce stress. Stress results in poor blood flow and muscle tension. We must reduce stress. You can learn some practical tips on how to reduce stress here and here. Most importantly, take some time out each day to breathe deeply.

Essential Oils – lavender is a fantastic calming oil, peppermint oil is said to promote blood flow and basil oil acts as a muscle relaxant. Rub some on your temples for relief.

Diet – keep a food dairy to ensure that your diet is not contributing to your headaches. Common triggers include chocolate, dairy and red wine.

Massage – a self massage that focuses on your temples is a great way to promote blood flow and release tension. Professionals can also provide massages aimed directly at headache relief.

Omega 3 – add Omega 3 fatty acids to your diet to reduce inflammation. Great sources are oily fish such as salmon, flax seeds and chia seeds. Also, ginger tea can provide almost instant relief from inflammation.

Sleep – sleep is the best form of meditation in order to relax our muscles. Take a nap to combat your headache, if possible. If not, sit still, close your eyes, remove distractions and focus on breathing deeply until you can feel the tension being released from your muscles.

Do you have any other tips to add to this list?

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