My Night Time Routine

Emily Holmes

Last week I shared my morning routine and it seems now you want to know about my night time routine. Sometimes I can struggle to switch my brain off and sleep effectively, so my night time routine is extremely important to me – probably more important than my morning routine. My night time routine is a non-negotiable because I know how important good sleep is for health (it’s vital).

Turn off technology – first I turn off all technology around 5 or 6pm. This is important to me because it allows my crazy brain to start winding down (it takes a long time). I turn off the television, computers and phones. I’m not perfect at this, sometimes I will watch a television show, sometimes my phone will ring, etc. But generally, I limit technology.

Dinner – next I’ll take the time to prepare something delicious and healthy for dinner. My favourite recipes at the moment are Chicken Tacos and Chickpea Patties. I prepare dinner with my husband (he is a better cook than me) and we generally catch up on our day, listen to music and have free-dance competitions in the kitchen.

Herbal tea – after dinner I LOVE enjoying a cup of herbal tea. My favourite flavour is liquorice and cinnamon. I often tell my clients that my number one trick to avoiding late night snacking is to substitute with herbal tea. Add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and some honey to satisfy your cravings and keep your satiated.

Relax – my favourite part of my night time routine is relaxation time. I will meditate, take a hot bath or shower, read a book, talk to a friend or watch a television show. I know the last two involve technology – I’m not perfect. Relaxation time is essential to ensure I fall asleep quickly and stay asleep.

Bed-time – lastly my head hits the pillow. I try to mediate as a fall asleep or think about the best thing that happened to me that day. I like falling asleep peacefully and happily. Sleep is the best form of meditation. It’s absolutely essential for good health, energy and vitality. I share some tips for restful sleep here if you need.

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