My Most Revealing Posts

Emily Holmes

I want for you to all realise that I’m human. That I struggle. That I have crap days. That I get down and frustrated. That I’m not perfect. I’m still learning, just as everyone else is. I’m on a journey. It’s very easy in the online world to portray a perfect version of yourself. To be honest, the reason I do so is because I wish to inspire each and every one of you. In order to do that I ensure that all of my posts are positive and helpful. I want Conscious Foodie to be a space of love, achievement and good health. But I also want you to realise that I’m just like you. Although I might not post about it regularly – I have my struggles just like everyone else. Toady I’m sharing some of my most revealing posts so that you can learn a little more about me.

This post shares a little about who I am and what I do – All About Emily.

In this post I talk about recognition and share my proudest achievements – Are You Craving Recognition?

I share some fun facts about myself (I think I’m a little strange haha) – 10 Fun Facts About Me.

This post contains the weirdest and deepest stuff about me – Want to Get to Know Me?

A truthful post about whether I indulge – Do I Ever Indulge.

I write about my journey (depression, anxiety and the Pill) – My Journey.

I share some insights about what travel has taught me – What Travel Taught Me.

This is the post that made me cry whilst writing it (it was very healing to put it all on paper) – My 7 Biggest Mistakes.

Is there anything else you’d like to learn about me?

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