My Morning Routine

Morning Routine

I been asked a lot lately to share my morning routine. Although it’s great to have an ideal morning routine, I want you to know that I’m not perfect and sometimes my mornings have no routine! Sometimes I sleep-in, sometimes I’m running late, etc. I’m just like you. I do commit to having a calm and relaxed morning routine 80% of the time because I believe that it sets a positive and productive tone for the day ahead.

Alarm – firstly I rise early (between 5.30am – 6.00am) with an alarm. I give myself plenty of time (plus extra time in case anything pops up) each morning. I really dislike feeling rushed. It makes me anxious and sets a bad tone for my day ahead.

Wake – once I’m awake I take the time to cuddle, take 10-20 deep breaths and say 5 things that I’m grateful for. I like to start my day on a positive note.

Rise – next I jump out of bed, throw on some clothes (and maybe shoes), ready to start my day. I leave my clothes and shoes in a pile on the floor so there’s no excuses or wasted time.

Lemon Water – the first thing I do is enjoy a glass of room temperature water with lemon. You can read more about why I do this here but basically it’s great for hydration and digestion. It also has alkalising and detoxification properties.

Exercise – then I’ll do some form of exercise. When I’m at home my favourite morning exercise is soft sand runs. I view exercise as a blessing, not a punishment so I generally have high motivation. I think the key thing with exercise is to commit to 30 minutes each day and do something you enjoy/feel like. This is achievable. If I only feel like taking a morning walk, that’s all I do. I don’t place pressure on myself. The key is to do SOMETHING each day, it doesn’t matter what it is, just move your body. Consistency is key. Once you stop moving your body for a week, it’s very difficult to start again and the excuses pile up. It’s also important not to push your body or place place your body under unnecessary stress/pressure. When your body is stressed (either physically or mentally) it produces cortisol which is a fat storage hormone.

Breakfast – lastly I will enjoy a delicious breakfast. Here is a post sharing my favourite breakfast ideas. I love to mix it up and enjoy different things each day. Sometimes I will prep my breakfast the night before to ensure smooth morning the next day. Or if I know I have a busy week ahead I’ll prep a big batch of granola, bircher muesli, chia puddings or smoothie packs so I’m organised for the week.

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