My 7 Biggest Mistakes


Nothing is ever really a mistake in life, it’s simply a chance to grow, learn and evolve as a human being. Today I’m sharing my 7 biggest ‘mistakes’ that have granted me the most powerful life lessons and taught me the skill of resilience.

Self love – I often forget to love myself. I care too much about others opinions and pleasing everyone but myself. I am learning to do things for myself, treat myself, nourish my soul and put myself first. I’m learning that it’s not selfish to refill my own cup, so I can pour it into others. I’m learning to love myself as much as I want someone else to. If I asked you to name all the things you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself?

Past – I hold onto the past. In particular, I hold onto past feelings. I’m learning that every feeling is my choice (or perception). I’m learning that my perceptions are reflections of me. I am learning that the primary cause of my unhappiness is never the situation but my thoughts about it. I’m learning that there are far better things ahead than what (or who) I’ve left behind. Are you living in the past? Emotions are records of the past, and so if the emotion is stored in the body, then the body literally is living in the past and the body is the unconscious mind, it believes it’s in the same environmental conditions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, the body is literally living in the past. Don’t get too lost in your pain, trust that one day your pain will become your cure.

Perfection – I place extreme pressure on myself to achieve perfection. I push myself harder than anyone else ever could. I’m learning that I am perfect exactly as I am. I’m learning when to push and when to take a break. I’m learning that nothing and no one is ever really ‘perfect’. I’m learning that perfect is unrealistic. I’m learning that perfect is never achievable. I’m learning to do my best. At the same time, I’m thankful for my perfectionism. It allows me to push hard and achieve things some people only dream about.

Analysis – I analyse every life experience, searching for the good and bad. However, every life experience is perfect. It is my mind that labels things as good and bad. Good and bad exists within every experience. I am learning to reflect back on every ‘bad’ experience and learn to see the good that came from it. The good is often a lesson for growth, resilience and change. Owning our own story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.

Control – I like control, it makes me feel safe. I’m learning to trust and surrender to achieve more flow, freedom and energy in my life. This allows my intuition to shine and makes me feel safe and supported when I listen to my gut instincts.  Specifically, I feel unsafe when I’ve been rejected. Sometimes I make choices that reject myself. Sometimes I get rejected by others. Bullying is the most common form of rejection, one of which almost every person experiences. At the time, we do not see bullying as a blessing. But in time we can view it as an important lesson that allows us to take our power back, release dependence, forge our own path and develop strength.

Mystery – I like to make sense of everything. However, I’m learning that life is a mystery. The spark that ignites and propels existance is the greatest of all mysteries. No matter how much scientific knowledge we acquire, it only serves to further prove the divine mystery of life. As humans we are programemed to try and make sense of things. Our intellect races to interpret, to find logic and reason for all that we experience and encounter in our world. The truth is that life, death and the divine are larger concepts that what we can ultimatley comprehend. To experience life and the divine, we must use our heart, not our mind.

Relationships – I hold onto relationships. However, relationships end and that’s perfectly okay. Relationships end when the energetic match decreases or ceases to exist. People change and their vibrations change and when that happens, they’re often no longer a match. This is unavoidable as we are all constantly evolving and changing. I’m learning that when a relationship ends, it’s not my fault or the other persons fault. It simply means that we’re no longer a vibrational or energetic match. That’s all. It’s not unusual and it’s not uncommon. Relationships evolve, change and end. Friendships end, lovers grow apart and employees leave. This is nobody’s fault. Our paths are simply no longer aligned.

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