Meditation isn’t about silencing the mind. A successful meditation session does not involve zero thoughts. Meditation is about embracing your mind, it’s about accepting thoughts as they come to the forefront, letting them pass through your mind but not acting on them or concentrating on them. Let your mind flow as it pleases. Focus on your breath, focus on the stillness. But remember, it’s okay to have thoughts. There’s no reason to beat yourself up about a thought, just simply acknowledge it and breathe through it. Listen to your soul when you meditate. Our souls scream out daily to be heard but we never listen. After just a few meditation sessions your body and mind will start connecting and you will hear your soul. Schedule some meditation into your day – even 5 minutes each day gives great benefits.

If you’re struggling to squeeze meditation into your day, try these simple tricks:

  1. Seek out private or group classes. The regular time gives you something to schedule your day around. For extra incentive, pay for classes upfront (a month or six months at a time). The fact that you’ve already invested the money will give you one more reason not to skip class. Plus you’ll probably receive a discount off the single class cost by purchasing passes.
  2. Meditate first thing in the morning. Jump straight out of bed, as soon as the alarm goes off, get comfy, stay warm and meditate. No excuses just get right into it. Often, if you leave meditating until night time, activities such as cooking dinner, relaxing and sleeping take precedence. Make meditation priority.
  3. Treat yourself to a guided meditation CD or music mediation CD. Especially if you’re starting out, meditation CD’s are a blessing. They help train your mind until eventually; meditating by yourself, without a CD, in complete silence is a piece of cake!
  4. Incorporate meditation into your everyday activities. Think of at least three things you do religiously every single day. For me, it’s showering, driving to and from work and washing up. When you do these things focus on your breath and being present. It’s amazing how this simple form of meditating calms the mind.
  5. Check out Sara at The Space in Between at . Her guided meditation CD is brilliant. Or if you’re in Kensington, Victoria get to one of her classes.
  6. Check out Mish at Meditation with Mish at . Mish provides heaps of meditation sessions on her website for FREE or if you live in the Sydney, New South Wales area you may be lucky enough to work with Mish!

These five tips will help slience those monkeys in your mind. If you actually think about how busy your mind is; constantly thinking, planning, organising and doing, it’s no wonder we are burning out. Give your mind a little break and treat it to some meditation.

Remember, the highest form of meditation is sleep – make sure you get 8 hours every night. Our bodies need to recalibrate.

What are your meditation tips? How do you include meditation into your life?

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