Listen to Your Body


Everyone is totally confused about what to eat and when to eat. It’s actually really simple. LISTEN to your body. No one diet is right for all. We all have different bodies. What works for me may not work for you.

Everyone has different requirements. For example, our metabolisms, growth and activity levels are all extremely different. I cannot possible tell you exactly how much to eat or when to eat it because every single person is different. It’s important that you listen to your satiety signals (when you feel hungry and full). And honour these important signals. If you feel hungry enjoy some food (from the 5 food groups) until you’re full. Some people may require 3 meals each day. Some people may eat smaller meals and therefore, require snacks in between.

Remember to always treat yourself a few times each week with some ‘sometimes’ foods. Restrictions result in cravings and cravings turn into binges! I know this advice is very general and there are many physiological and metabolic process that affect eating. But as some basic general advice, this is very important. Healthy eating is simple and can be achieved by you. You do not need to be a nutritionist to enjoy good health. However, if you are experiencing issues, please visit a professional so that we can look into your physiological and metabolic health.

If you’d like to learn more I encourage you to take a look at the following resources:

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