Holiday Pics

Hey lovely! I’m back and I thought I’d share a few holiday snaps with you all.

New York
First stop – New York



Central Park
Hanging out in chilly Central Park


Museum of Modern Art
Exploring the Museum of Modern Art


Brooklyn Bridge
Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge


New York Giants
Wrapping ourselves in black garbage bags while we watch the New York Giants vs Washington Redskins. We paid a shop owner $10 for these beauties because everywhere had sold out of ponchos. 


Wall Street
Making new friends in Wall Street. Of course Dan had to try jump on it and got warned off by the cops. 


Ice Hockey
We saw basketball, NFL and Ice Hockey in the States. Hockey was definitely my fave.


Empire State Building
View from the top of the Rockefeller looking towards the Empire State Building


Golden Gate Bridge
Next Stop – San Fran. Best bike bride over the Golden Gate Bridge


Welcome to Vegas – most insane place ever but extremely fun


Grand Canyon
Helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon


Venice Beach
Last stop – LA. Absolutely loved staying at Venice Beach. Could get used to this view every night. 


Didn’t really love Hollywood that much. I found it busy/tacky/dirty/everyone trying to sell you stuff


Santa Monica Pier
Being a kid at Santa Monica Pier


Eagle Rock
We did the Eagle Rock Hike on our last day in LA – I high recommend




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