Healthy Dining Out

Asian Turkey Meatball

Here are my tips for how to stay on track when eating out:

Plan – research the menu of where you are dining beforehand. This gives you time to decide on a healthy dinner prior.

Portions– look for meals that offer a portion of protein (meat poultry, fish, eggs or vegetarian protein) with mashed potato/sweet potato and vegetables.

Eat – never go out to dinner starving. You’ll be tempted to order anything off the menu. Have a small snack such as a handful of nuts before you leave the house.

Dressings – order dressings on the side. These are often filled with sugar. Instead ask for some olive oil or balsamic vinegar on the side.

Sides – order a side of vegetables if your meal doesn’t come with them so that you’re still getting a good hit of nutrients.

Swap – don’t be afraid to ask if you can swap certain items. For example, swap the bread for potato or vegetables.

Dessert – if you would like dessert consider sharing with someone else. Or simply order one dessert for the entire table. This way you only consume a couple of mouthfuls and you’ll feel satisfied without the bloat.

Organise – be proactive in organising catch ups with your family and friends. This way you can select restaurants that you know serve healthy options.

Creative – if the main menu is filled with pizza and pastas you may have to order a couple of sides (vegetables) and an entree (meatballs) as your meal.

Healthy – you don’t have to eat healthy all the time. It’s perfectly okay to enjoy a treat. In fact, it’s healthy. Restrictions lead to cravings which turn into binges. When you eat out use it as a time to enjoy your favourite foods and indulge.

Guilt – let go of guilt. The guilt surrounding our food choices is often far more damaging to our body than the food itself. Breathe deeply and give thanks for the wonderful food you’re about to receive. This will assist with digestion. if you’re feeling stressed, anxious of guilty about the food you’re about to eat your primal body will divert blood away from the digestive tract to your arms and legs ready for your primal body to run from a threat. This severely limits your ability to digest the food you’re about to receive and will no doubt end in bloating.

Do you have any other tips to add to the list?

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