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I’ve written about skin health here, here and here. Obviously it’s something I’m pretty passionate about, especially given it’s one of my daily struggles. So I’m super excited to be going to ‘Healthier Skin – The Paleo Way’ this Friday 1st August in Maroochydore. Click here to find out more and buy tickets. The event is being organised by Amiee Clark and Clint Bauer of Primal Influence. I’ve chatted to Clint before here. Today I’ve picked both Clint and Aimee’s brains on skin health. Here goes…

Why is healthy skin important?

As eyes are the window to our soul, we think the skin is a window to our gut health! Our skin often shows how healthy or unhealthy our gut is, so if the skin looks clear and vibrant then there’s a good chance the gut is doing well, and of course good gut health is crucial for general health and wellness. Having healthy skin also brings confidence. People with skin conditions often feel self-conscious and stressed about their appearance. It’s nice to be able to look in the mirror and to walk out the door with clear skin and feel happy and confident with how it looks.

What’s your number one tip for healthy skin?

Eat clean. Eating nourishing healing foods, that are right for you, and that are clean and free of chemicals is probably our biggest tip. Eating organic as often as possible to avoid chemicals, avoiding inflammatory foods and any foods you’re allergic or sensitive to goes a long way to giving the skin a good chance at being healthy.

Is there a relationship between the food we eat and our skin?

Absolutely! Our skin is our body’s largest organ, and food is fuel for every single part of our body, including all of our organs. So the foods we choose to eat definitely impact the health of our skin. I’ll go one step further and say that different foods affect each of us differently. A food that doesn’t agree with me that gives my skin a reaction might be totally fine for someone else and never give them any problems. There are definitely general foods that most of us could live without, and then there are different foods that could be issues for some and not for others. Finding out what the general problematic foods out there are and specifically what foods are causing us problems as individuals is important.

What do you look for when choosing products for your skin?

(Aimee) I look for products that are as natural as possible. I even now look for products that are paleo-friendly when possible as I prefer not to put ingredients on my skin that I wouldn’t often eat. There aren’t many of those on the market yet, so I’ve actually started making my own DIY natural skincare blends! That way I can control exactly what ingredients go into them and be confident knowing what I’m putting onto my skin is safe and healthy for me. And making skincare goodies at home is not as time-consuming and as tricky as some may think! It’s so easy to do! I can’t wait to show people how to make some of my fave concoctions! (Clint) I very rarely use anything on my skin, I’m a caveman afterall! But this Winter the skin under my beard has gotten a bit dry so I’ve been using a tub of scent-free tallow moisturiser Crystal gave me and it’s working a treat. I don’t mind so much using it, it’s quite a manly product if you think about it, it’s made from animal fat!

What is the worst thing we can do in terms of skin health?

Rely solely on using topical treatments such as creams, lotions, pills etc. Even natural products and blends. While they may help reduce the symptoms they won’t necessarily fix the problem itself. Some products may make the problem worse, some may cause other health problems, and some just won’t make any difference. But it’s very likely none of them will get to the source of the problem. If we look closer at our general health we have more chance of finding where the problem starts and fixing it from the inside out. Whether by the foods we’re eating, the exercise we’re doing, or even the stress and tension we’re holding.

Why are you keen to host a natural skincare event on the Sunshine Coast?

Living the paleo/primal lifestyle includes living as naturally as possible. We’re very passionate about this for ourselves and have had great success achieving healthier skin through this lifestyle, so we want others to be educated on how they too can have healthier happier skin. We know how depressing it can be to have bad skin and some days not even want to go outside or be social. We’ve overcome this and hope we can help others do the same. If people can make a few
simple lifestyle changes that end up benefiting their own and their family’s health which results in healthier skin as a bonus, then we’d be really happy!

Since talking to Crystal, finding out about her own journey from having bad skin to achieving healthier skin through her own lifestyle choices, as well as the knowledge she has with skincare and the passion she clearly has for helping others get healthier skin they’re happy with, we just had to invite her up from VIC so we can do something awesome and hopefully help some Sunny Coasters overcome their skin challenges!

How do you keep your skin healthy?


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