Foods for Depression


Recently, I wrote a blog post here detailing some natural anti-anxiety tips and you guys loved it! I had a massive response (so many emails!). You may feel completely alone, but anxiety and depression are extremely (and unfortunately) common these days. We experience anxiety when we are living in the future and depression when we are living in the past. Along with seeking help, here are some wholefoods you can boost your diet with to take control of your health.

Oily fish, flaxseeds and chia seeds for Omega 3’s – great for brain health. Sprinkle flaxseeds and chia seeds on your salads, vegetables, yoghurt, fruit salad and mix them into smoothies. You can also check out my favourite Choc Chia Pudding recipe here. So good!

Eggs and legumes for B vitamins – great for nervous system health. A good quality B-complex supplement can also be prescribed. You can read more about supplements here.

Animal and/or plant protein sources – to stabilise blood sugar levels. Aim to consume some protein at every main meal and snack. I’ve written heaps about the power of protein here.

Cashews for tryphophan – needed for serotonin (feel good hormone) production. Cashews are the star of most raw dessert recipes yay! Check out my favourite Choc Almond Butter Cheesecake recipe here.

Greek yoghurt, kefir and miso for probiotics – needed for optimal gut health (the feel good hormone serotonin is produced in the gut). I have heaps more gut health tips you can read about here.

Oats for complex carbs – triggers the brain to produce serotonin. Check out my favourite way to eat oats here. It’s my famous Sticky Date Oat Pudding recipe!

Cacao – relaxes the cardiovascular system and triggers the production of serotonin. It’s no secret that I love my chocolate recipes. You can make my Chocolate Granola for breakfast here.

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