Emily Ehlers

Emily Ehlers

Emily is a health and life coach, freelance writer, barefooted tree-hugger and mother who lives on the sunny beaches of Perth. She has inspired many women to start their journey towards vibrant health and happiness, holds their hands and cheers them on via her online haven www.emilyehlers.com.au. Em’s mission is to empower women to transform their lives and harness radiant wellness by nourishing their body, mind and soul. Through her coaching, eBooks, workshops, eCourses and speaking appearances Em helps to heal women’s relationships with food and love their bodies. She is an unabashed believer in the power of positive-thinking and a massive advocate for happiness. Meet Em…

Tell us about your journey, what sparked your passion for the health and wellness industry?

After becoming a mother  decided to get my health into order, quick smart! Eat better, drink less, lose weight. Eighteen kilograms and a much happier person later I have noticed that nutrition, positive thinking and self-care practices have transformed my life. Since this I have studied nutrition and started working with amazing women as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach; helping them harness radiant wellness by nourishing their body, mind and soul all while juggling their busy lives.

What’s your number one wellness tip?

Create soulful morning rituals. It may mean getting up half an hour early, but the energy you create from nourishing routines are worth it. Plus, sunrises are the bees neez. Some of my faves are oil pulling, affirmations and hot lemon water. I can’t live without meditation.

What’s your one non-negotiable when it comes to your health?

Moving my body in fresh air everyday. It energises me. When I start my day with a long walk on the beach I feel markedly different. If I find myself getting cabin-fever or I come up against a big dose of writers block I walk.

What motto do you live by?

“If you can change it, there is no need to worry. If you can’t change it there is no use to worry”.

I struggled with a debilitating anxiety disorder and panic attacks for six years so if I ever feel the panic setting in nowadays I repeat that motto. It keeps me present.

What is your proudest achievement?

Other than the obvious “healthy family, happy home” combo I would have to say launching my lifestyle coaching business! Working with people around the world and helping them improve their lives fills my heart. It is beyond satisfying and I am bloody blessed to have a career I love so much.

What are your goals for the future?

I am in the process of creating an 8-week transformative ecourse to take people on their own wellness journey which is so exciting. I am also creating some exciting self-love products that mix positive vibes with my artistic nature. Sign up to my newsletter here to stay in the loop (and get my free 40-page ebook)!

Tell us something not many people know about you?

I am a motor mouth. I talk A LOT. In highschool my history teacher used to give me 10 minutes of “Em Time” at the start and end of class which was basically a stand-up comedy routine where I would discuss anything that was on my mind and lead a funny discussion about it.

Can you share with us one of your favourite recipes?

I make a pot of this Super Green Curry at the beginning of every week and keep it in the fridge. It is perfectly clean and also very baby/child-friendly. Lucy has scarfed it up since she was 8 months old.

Green Curry


2 onions, diced

1 whole head of silverbeet (8 leaves), sliced

2 broccoli, chopped into bite sized florets and dice the stalk (see note)

2 large chicken breasts, diced

800mls coconut milk (look for unsweetened – I use Ceres Unsweetened)

3cm knob of ginger, peeled and diced

2 cloves of garlic

1 tablespoon coconut oil

1 tablespoon turmeric

2 teaspoons ground coriander

2 teaspoons cumin

1 tablespoon curry powder

Serve with cauliflower rice, quinoa, rice or spiralized carrot or zuchinni

Optional Ingredients:


Coconut aminos (for candida sufferers) OR  tamari (for gluten free)

1 red chilli, diced (leave or remove seeds depending on your chilli tolerance)

Sesame oil



Put aside a tablespoon of the creamy upper layer of coconut milk (this is for garnish later). Fry onions in coconut oil until soft and translucent. Add diced chicken pieces to pan and cook. Add cumin, ginger, garlic, turmeric, ground coriander and curry powder and stir until it coats the meat. Add the sliced silverbeet and quickly sauté until slightly limp. Add the coconut milk and broccoli and bring to the boil. Reduce to simmer and leave for 15 minutes (or until the vegetables have reached a baby friendly tenderness).

Now if you are cooking for a baby, you are all done! I took out Lucy’s portions and froze them up.

But, while your babies portion cools, you may want to tszuj it up for the adults at the table. Here I added in the chilli and coconut aminos and let the flavour permeate. I then garnished with the swirl of coconut milk I put aside in the beginning, a little splish splash of sesame oil and a generous handful of coriander. Serve with a slice of lime and you got yourself a pretty meal!

NOTE Do not throw away the stalk of your broccoli. The stalks are just as nutrient dense as the florets. One broccoli stem has as much Vitamin C as an orange!

Where can we find you?

Check out my online home here. Sign up to my weekly newsletter here to receive your FREE copy of my 40-page workbook – Illuminate: A Workbook To Inspire and Ignite. Or join my inspired posse over on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram!




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