Do I Ever Indulge?

Chocolate Cake

If I earn a dollar for every time someone asks me if I indulge, I would be a millionaire! Of course I indulge, I’m a human being. I will admit that since starting this journey, my indulges have now become far more enjoyable. In the beginning I placed huge restrictions upon myself and my diet but I soon learnt that the guilt and shame I felt once I broke these restrictions was far more damaging to my body than any treat.

It’s perfectly okay to eat chocolate, enjoy some ice-cream and eat cake. In fact, it’s healthy to indulge. Restrictions result in cravings which turn into binges. It’s far more beneficial to have a treat if you feel like one and stop at one biscuit or one square of chocolate. Plus, once you crowd out the unhealthy foods with delicious health foods, your cravings get healthier.

Sometimes my clients ask me how I stop at one piece of chocolate or cake. It’s simple, but it takes patience and practice. Be kind to yourself. If you accidently ran your car into the kerb, you wouldn’t keep going and run into the guard rail, etc. You’d stop, breathe, and correct yourself. The same principle applies to food. If you eat one biscuit, there is no need to demolish the entire packet and hate yourself. You wouldn’t do it to your car, so why do it to your body? Stop. Breathe.

It’s so important to enjoy your indulgences. Don’t eat something delicious and feel guilt the entire time. This places stress on your digestive system and you won’t be able to assimilate the food you’ve eaten. Practice mindful eating – when enjoying a treat, be thankful, really taste the flavours, feel the textures, enjoy yourself, savour the moment. Food and guilt do not belong together.

You don’t have to be perfect 100% of the time. I indulge 2-3 times each week and I thoroughly enjoy it. Aim to eat healthy food 80% of the time and indulge 20% of the time. It’s all about balance and practicality. Do you best and listen to your body. My favourite indulges are caramel slice, ice-cream and chocolate. I have such a sweet tooth!

What are your favourite indulgences? Want to indulge in a healthy chocolate cake with caramel sauce (pic above)? You can find the recipe here. Enjoy (without guilt)!

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