Dairy Free Zone

Following on from my post here about reducing your grain (especially gluten) intake, this post is about reducing your dairy intake. If you’re lactose intolerant listen up! Similar to grains, I believe we are consuming too much dairy. Dairy is supposed to be an accompaniment to a meal. A little yogurt with breakfast and a sprinkle of feta at dinner is more than enough. Don’t get me wrong, a little dairy each day is good – dairy is a excellent source of protein and yoghurt is great for your gut health as it contains plenty of probiotics. However, we are not meant to drench every meal with cheese and cream and then consume milky drinks after we’ve finished eating. That’s a little too much of one food group for my liking. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what some people’s diet looks like. Also, dairy is inflammatory in nature so too much is not good for our bodies. Rest assured, there are plenty of other ways to get your calcium but that’s a post for another time.

The following ideas will help you reduce your dairy intake:

  1. Swap cream for coconut milk/cream – see my recipe here.
  2. Swap milk for nut milk – see my recipe here.
  3. Swap yoghurt for coconut yoghurt – ask for it at your local health food shop. I buy a brand called Coyo – check them out here.
  4. Swap ice cream for home made fruit ice cream (see recipe by Jess Ainscough here) or Coyo Coconut Ice Cream.
  5. Swap cheese for silken tofu (great in cheesecakes – see my recipe here), hummus or cashew nut cheese (see recipe by Whole Foods Market here).
  6. Swap butter for olive oil or coconut oil (best for cooking) or coconut butter (see recipe by Nom Nom Paleo here) or avocado (best for spreading).

Otherwise if you must have dairy, sheep or goats products are easier to digest as they contain less lactose (sugars) than cows cheese.

Let me know how you go! What’s your favourite dairy free recipe?

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2 responses to “Dairy Free Zone

    1. I’d only recommend soy 2 or 3 times each week – everything in moderation. You can buy nut milk at the supermarket, the most common type you’ll find is almond milk. But it’s really hard to find nut milks without added sugar and other nasties so it’s much better to make your own. It seriously only takes 5 minutes to make and tastes soooooo much better than store bought ones. There’s a link in my post which takes you to my recipe x

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