Lets hang out together! There is no better feeling in the world than that of a new bestie.

You can come play on Facebook. We have a pretty incredible tribe of humans here and we love new friends! Come and see what we’re all about. We’ve created an incredibly supportive environment and we’d love to welcome you to our beautiful space.

My great love is Instagram. Come get lost in the pretty pictures with me at #consciousfoodie. If you love Conscious Cleanse don’t forget to hashtag #consciouscleanse and if you love Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks (my free ebook) keep in the loop at #transformyourlife.

You can also have a chat to me over email at emilyjane@conscious-foodie.com – it’s probably one of the best ways to ask questions and connect with me.

Interviews and Media

I love interviews and media opportunities because I get to learn new things about myself. Please send an email to emilyjane@conscious-foodie.com and it will be received with gratitude.

Submissions and Advertising

I’d love to chat if you think your product is a good fit for Conscious Foodie. If you’d like to share info on your product or company with me, please send an email to emilyjane@conscious-foodie.com and I will be in contact.

Questions and Coaching 

Unfortunately, I’m unable to give free nutritional advice, but would be honoured to work with you as your coach if there’s something you’re looking for support and guidance with. You can check out my Nutritional Consult Package and my Custom Meal Plan.

Inspiration and Good Reads

If you’re searching for inspiration, I highly recommend grabbing yourself a copy of Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks (it’s free!) and Conscious Cleanse. These two ebooks have been transforming lives around the world.

About Emily

Head over to my About Page to get to know me better. I share my story, some weird stuff about myself, my beliefs and some pretty cool biz stuff about Conscious Foodie.

Professional Bio

Emily Holmes is a Nutritionist at Conscious Foodie. She is the author of Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks and Conscious Cleanse. Media features include Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine, Nature and Health Magazine, Body + Soul Magazine and Mind Body Green. Emily inspires countless people to use food for abundant energy, clear skin and a peaceful mind. She is on a mission to spread the word about natural wellness and health, nutritional wholefoods, clean organic living, a sustainable future, self love, gratitude and kindness. When she’s not writing you can find her juicing her greens, meditating, walking barefoot, sitting in the sun, drinking peppermint tea, making raw desserts and studying for her Masters in Human Nutrition. 


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