Shelley Keenan Freedom Wellness

Shelley Keenan – Freedom Wellness

Shelley Keenan is a personal trainer and wellness coach who is currently studying nutritional medicine whilst coaching clients through her business Freedom Wellness. Shelley is on a mission to inspire women to self heal their mind body and soul. Meet Shelley… Tell us about your journey, what sparked your passion for the health and wellness … Continued

Kellie Holland Naturopath and Nutritionist

Kellie Holland – Tonik Health

Kellie Holland is a naturopath, clinical nutritionist and medical herbalist based in Sydney, Australia. Kellie has a passion for nourishing food, women’s health and inspiring people to lead healthy, happy and active lives. She runs online health programs and offers e-books, meal plans, free recipes through her website. Meet Kellie… Tell us about your journey, … Continued

Tully Lou

Tully Lou

Tully Humphrey created the Australian active wear label Tully Lou in 2013 as a way to motivate and empower woman to get up and live healthier, happier lives. She believes that when you look good you feel good. Melbourne native Tully is a passionate yoga instructor, designer and health and wellness writer who is spreading … Continued

Jessica Smith

Jessica Salamati (nee Smith)

Jessica Salamati (nee Smith) is on a mission to empower young women & men to REVOLUTIONISE their body image and self esteem. She is a speaker, mentor, writer and the founder of ‘JOIN THE REVOLUTION’ a social media campaign created to promote POSITIVE body image. Born missing her left forearm and then suffering third degree … Continued

Kate Weiler

Kate Weiler

Kate Weiler is a nutritionist, holistic health coach, Ironman triathlete and co-founder and CEO of DRINKmaple. She co-founded  DRINKmaple based on her love for pure unprocessed food and belief that nature provides us everything that our body needs to nourish ourselves. Meet Kate… Tell us about your journey, what sparked your passion for the health and wellness industry? … Continued


Annie Lawless

Annie Lawless is the New York Times best selling author of the Suja Juice Solution. When she’s not blogging at her online home Blawnde, she’s working on her other baby, Suja Juice. Before Suja, Annie was in law school, but dropped out when she realised that was not her passion at all. Meet Annie… Tell … Continued


Emma Shields

Emma Shields is a multi-passionate, self-love junkie who loves supporting people on their journey to wellness. Since suffering from adrenal burnout and a host of related conditions, she has dedicated herself to personal healing and growth, discovering what works for her physically, emotionally and spiritually, and encouraging others to find their own unique path. Meet … Continued

Sarah Wilder Headshot

Sarah Wilder – The Fifth Element Life

Sarah Wilder is a free-spirited creative multi-passionate Soulpreneur and mama. Sarah combines her love of nature, creative industries and spirituality into everything she creates. Known for her ever-popular Mandala ring range, she has organically grown a cult following across the globe – helping to unite like-minded women in body, mind and spirit. Meet Sarah… Tell us about … Continued

Gina Venzin

Giorgina Venzin

Giorgina Venzin is a young business owner making her mark firmly on the foodie scene. She owns and runs a total of 6 restaurants/cafes in Brisbane, including the hugely popular Pawpaw Cafe and Picnic Cafe. When she’s not working you can find her in the ocean or chasing thrills. Meet Gina… Tell us about your journey, … Continued

Sophie Crooks

Sophie Crooks

Sophie Crooks is a coach who specialises in helping women to overcome fears and limitations in their online blogs+business and in their every day life. Her own journey of overcoming limitations has had a profound effect on her. Just a few short years ago Sophie was someone who was full of negative thoughts and self hate, prone … Continued