Balance Your Hormones


Hormones are such a common topic these days. Almost all of my coaching clients have some kind of hormonal issue ranging from PCOS, irregular or no periods, PMS, endometriosis to infertility. Personally, I think the biggest change we can make in our lives is to reduce stress. It seems to be the root of all issues. Obviously everyone is different and unique, and working with an integrative practitioner is your best chance at balancing your hormones, but to get you started these are my top tips to balance your hormone

Support the liver – your liver excretes excess hormones. If your liver is over-worked you can be left with a whole heap of excess hormones in the body. In order to support the liver, limit caffeine, alcohol, dairy and sugar. Load up on bitter greens (parsely, rocket, etc) and supplement with milk thistle and dandelion.

Support your adrenals – your adrenals make hormones, such as cortisol and progesterone. Cortisol is the stress hormone. Progesterone is the amazing anti-anxiety, anti-depressive hormone. If your adrenals are too busy releasing cortisol, they barely get the chance to make any progesterone. Most women these days desperately need more progesterone. To support your adrenals you can supplement with Vitamin C and a Vitamin B complex and importantly, stress less (gratitude diary, deep breathing, meditation, yoga, positive affirmations, walking, relax time, etc).

Stabilise blood sugar levels – when cortisol is released in the body our body counteracts this with the release of insulin. So we need to be mindful of balancing our blood sugar levels so our body isn’t working overtime to combat cortisol and sugar! We need to eat protein and good fats with every meal for optimal blood sugar levels. It’s also important to snack on protein and good fats to keep our levels stable during the day. This avoids the 3pm sugar craving crash – double bonus! Cinnamon is also great for balancing blood sugar – sprinkle it on everything!

Eat for hormones – hormones are primarily made up of good fats and protein.  So make sure each meal contains good fats (avocado, olive oil, etc) and protein (meat or vegetarian sources). Other good hormone balancing foods are greens, maca powder, eggs, avocado, figs, beans, nuts, salmon and coconut cream and olives.

Fix your gut – you may be eating all the right hormone balancing foods but if you’re gut is struggling and cannot properly digest what you are eating, then you’re really going to struggle. You can find out how to fix your gut here.

Eliminate toxins and excess hormones – you can sweat them out (exercise, sauna or hot bath) or flush them out by drinking water and eating fibre (from wholegrains, fruit and vegetables). Psyllium husk is a great source of fibre.

Support your thyroid – excess estrogen can bind to the thyroid and block its ability to make thyroid hormones.  Iodine is great for your thyroid.

Avoid hormone disruptors – they are synthetic chemicals that often mimic estrogen and are found in beauty products (if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin), plastics (plastic containers, drink bottles, cling wrap, etc), pesticides (organic food is best), processed food (eat wholefoods) and cleaning products (clean with vinegar, bi-carb soda, microfibre cloths, etc).

Do you have any other hormones balancing tips to add to this list?

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