Where I Ate in LA

Vegan Caesar Salad

LA was the last stop on our States holiday. Like New York, I was super excited to visit LA because of all the foodie cafes and restaurants I had heard so much about and was so desperate to visit. These were my faves:

Cafe Gratitude – probably the most popular/well known organic vegan restaurant that offers both raw and cooked dishes. I was so bummed I didn’t make it here for breakfast but lunch was amazing. The menu is huge, probably the largest of all the restaurants I visited so you could definitely eat a fair few meals here.

Glow Bio – if you haven’t heard of Kimberly Snyder (nutritionist to the stars!), start following her. She is a clinical nutritionist who focuses on a holistic approach of healing the body from a cellular level. Glow Bio is Kimberly’s organic smoothie and juice bar. It’s located in Hollywood and also sells boosters, salads, chia puddings, bliss balls, desserts and hot drinks.

Le Pain Quotidien – organic Belgium bakery that specialises in traditional baked bread containing only flour, water and salt. There are plenty of vegan and vegetarian dishes on the menu. Their specialty dish is their tartine (Belgium sandwich) and they love to serve their guests around a long communal table. I actually visited the New York Le Pain Quotidien, as well as their Santa Monica location in LA. The pic above is their vegan caesar salad.

Seed – this little cafe was located just a short walk from our hotel in Venice Beach.  I loved that they had free filtered water flavoured with lemon, mint and cucumber – it was delicious. Seed are an organic, vegan and macrobiotic cafe. Their food does not contain animal products or refined sugars and is never cooked in microwaves or non-stick pans. This was my favourite place for green juice.

Other LA restaurants that I have on my list for next time are:

Planet Raw



Real Food Daily

Au Loc Fountain Valley

Kreation Organic

Moon Juice

Local 1205

Can you add any restaurants/cafes to the list?

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