Are You Craving Recognition?

Emily Holmes

The other day I was talking to a client about recognition. We uncovered the fact that she is deeply craving recognition. There is no need to feel guilty or ashamed for craving recognition. Some people confuse the need for recognition with ego based behaviour. This isn’t the case. Recognition is a good healthy energy. It closes the creative cycle of life which begins with birth, progresses to growth, completion and recognition, and ends with closure. We must learn to let ourselves receive and accept recognition. We must learn to celebrate, appreciate and give gratitude for our achievements.

Like my clients, I’m human and I’m on learning journey too. As a way of practicing what I preach, I’d thought I’d share some stuff I’m really proud of about my business and my achievements so far.

Appearances – I’ve appeared in Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine, Nature and Health Magazine and Body + Soul Magazine.

Awards – Last year I was nominated for a Bupa Health Influencer Blog Award. I didn’t win but I was pretty stoked just to receive a nomination!

Media – I write a weekly column for my local paper – The Sunshine Coast Daily about nutrition and health. Since I stated writing for the Daily, my column has been featured in the Mackay Daily Mercury, Fraser Coast Chronicle, Rockhampton Morning Bulletin, Warwick Daily, South Burnett Times and the Gympie Times.

Features – I also write for Mind Body Green – you can find my articles here.

Interviews – I’ve been interviewed recently by Jessica Sepel (Nutritionist) and Kasey Willson (Naturopath). You can take a look at these interviews here and here.

Cleanse – Every few months I do my Conscious Cleanse – I practice what I preach and I love it when you all join me.

Ebook – I wrote an ebook called Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks which you can grab for free here.

Nutritional Coaching – coaching my clients to achieve optimal health, clear skin, weight loss, etc is my number one passion and I’m so grateful that I get to wake up each morning and live out my dream.

Goals – My biggest goal is to write and publish a book.

Come and say hello – I love hearing all of your stories – my tribe (that’s YOU) inspires me and heals me. So come hang out on Facebook and Instagram or flick me an email to and we can chat.

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