9 Tips to Boost Digestion Naturally


The gut is the epicentre of good health. However, due to a lifestyle high in processed food, alcohol, environmental toxins and stress, many of us are experiencing less than optimal digestion. If you suffer from heartburn, reflux, indigestion, stomach aches and pains or diarrhea then you need to support your digestion.

Bone broth – homemade bone broth contains gelatin which is super beneficial to digestive health by supporting the lining of the gut and attracting digestive juices.

Chew your food – the more work you can do chewing your food to break it down within your mouth, the less work your digestive system has to do.

Reduce stress – when we’re stressed blood is diverted away from the digestive system to our arms and legs so that our primal bodies can run away from a beast. If we’re living in a state of constant or excessive stress, our body cannot support optimal digestion.

Eat real food – your body knows how to digest wholegrains, fruit and vegetables (foods in their natural state or as close as possible to their natural state). It does not know how to digest packaged processed foods that contain additives, enhancers, colours and flavours, etc.

Drink peppermint tea – good for digestion and soothing your stomach (aches, pains, cramps and indigestion) as the active ingredient in peppermint (menthol) has an anti-spasmodic effect.

Probiotics – good gut bacteria. You can source a good quality supplement or eat fermented foods that contains probiotics such as kimchi, sauerkraut, miso, kombucha or yoghurt.

Digestive enzymes – support digestion. You can take a good quality supplement or eat foods that contain digestive enzymes such as pineapple and paw paw.

Fibre – wholegrains and green leafy vegetables are a great source of fibre to keep things moving. I also love psyllium husk as a good source of fibre. You can add it to smoothies, breakfasts and baking.

Digestion tonic – warm water with lemon juice and apple cidar vinegar upon rising will fire up your gastric juices and hydrochloric acid needed for optimal digestion.

Do you have any other tips to add to the list?

Image: Chalimah Jeanne

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