9 Excellent Bread Alternatives

life changing loaf of bread

Bread is on my list of Foods I Avoid. There are much better sources of carbs available to provide energy, eg: wholegrains and starchy carbs such as sweet potato. Bread is refined, bleached, stripped of valuable nutrients, often coloured to appear wholemeal or wholegrain (serisouly check the ingredients!) and high in sodium. Plus, most breads are made from wheat flour which is hard to digest because it contains gluten. These are my favourite bread alternatives. Most of these recipes freeze quite well. So make a couple one weekend, cut them into slices, freeze each slice separately and use them as you need over the following weeks. Preparation is the key!

Gluten Free Bread by Teresa Cutter – The Healthy Chef. This bread is made using quinoa and chia seeds. Instead of baking the mixture in a loaf tray to make bread, you can also roll out flat and make pizza bases.

The Life Changing Loaf of Bread by Sarah Britton – My New Roots. This recipe is vegan and uses whole grains, nuts and seeds making it nutrient dense.

Spinach Bread by Lee Holmes – Supercharged Food. Super cheap and such an easy recipe based on spinach. This recipe makes a flat bread so it’s great for breakfast topped with avocado, tomato and eggs.

Almost Paleo Vegie Bread by Steph Low – The Natural Nutritionist. This bread is a great way to sneak a few extra vegetables into your day. The base recipe contains almond meal and buckwheat flour.

Almond Chia Seed Bread by Tania Hubbard – Gluten Free Grain Free Co. This is probably my favourite bread recipe. It is similar to regular bread and works amazingly well for sandwiches.

Golden Flax and Nut Bread by Tania Hubbard – Gluten Free Grain Free Co. This bread has a nutty flavour and can be made into savoury scones or muffins by baking the mixture in a muffin tray.

Paleo Inside Out Bread by Sarah Wilson – I Quit Sugar. This bread is really tasty, it’s a meal in itself really. It’s another one that contains a few sneaky vegetables.

Zucchini Coconut Lunchbox Bread by Sarah Wilson – I Quit Sugar. This one is made using a base of flour and zucchini and tastes best warm.

Raw Sunflower Bread by Monique Pollard – Ground Organics. This is a great recipe for all the raw foodies. It is made primarily using vegetables and is a great with hummus, avocado or pesto.

What’s your favourite bread alternative?

Image: My New Roots

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