8 Foods I Avoid

Eating healthy makes sense to me. I feel so much better, I look so much better and I am a better person. Plus I’ve educated myself on what foods do to the body and how foods are made. Because I know what’s going on in my body, it’s so much easier to be healthy. It’s a no brainer really. But, I am human, I have cravings. I love pizza and hot chips. So I have a cheat day once a week. I eat whatever I like. No regrets. No guilt.  The rest of the time, there are a few foods that I avoid like the plague.

Margarine – a man made ‘food like’ substance processed in a lab, full of trans fats and said to be one molecule away from plastic. Pretty simple really. Our bodies do not know how to digest it. Eat butter or coconut oil instead.

Table Salt – so refined that it has very little nutritional value as all the trace minerals are destroyed during processing.  Also, table salt often contains additives to prevent clumping. Use himalayan salt instead.

Artificial sweeteners – a massive load of chemicals. Our bodies have no idea what they are. They make us fat and cause cellulite. Use natural sweeteners such as honey, dates and maple syrup.

Cereal – I can’t believe I used to start my day with cereal. I thought I was being healthy. I was wrong. We need to start our days with protein, good fats, vitamins and minerals. Cereals are highly processed with little nutritional value and contain hidden sugars, sodium and preservatives. Start your day with eggs, yoghurt, fruit and nuts. Check out what I eat for breakfast here.

Vegetable oil – full of trans fats or LDL which is the bad type of cholestrol. These oils have been highly processed and are often made from GMO crops. Source cold pressed olive or coconut oil.

Processed meat – this is not real meat. Processed meats are full of fat and filled with sodium nitrate, flavours made from chemicals and dyes. Eat real meat.

Bread – not a great source of carbs. There are much better sources of carbs available to provide energy, eg: wholegrains and starchy carbs such as sweet potato. Bread is refined, bleached, stripped of valuable nutrients, often coloured to appear wholemeal or wholegrain (serisouly check the ingredients!) and high in sodium. Most breads are made from wheat flour which is hard to digest because it contains gluten. Check out my favourite bread alternatives here.

Frozen meals – a cocktail of sugar, preservatives and salt. Make your own meals (soups and curries are great) and freeze to use when you don’t have enough time to cook. This ensures you never have to eat frozen meals or choose unhealthy takeaway options.

What foods do you avoid?

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2 responses to “8 Foods I Avoid

  1. I literally just went online and bought some Himalayan salt after reading this! Also – what are your thoughts on soy-linseed bread? I know all bread is no good but this is what I have been eating (2 slices a day) and I am hoping it is not too bad…

    1. Hey Tegan, I only eat soy a couple of times per week. I totally avoid soy protein iso-flavins or isolates or flour (they are not soy in it’s natural state). I buy products that have organic whole soy beans in the ingredients. ‘Organic’ because I’m avoiding GMO and a whole heap of soy is GMO now and ‘whole’ because I want it to be as close to its natural state as possible. God only knows what they do in processing to make soy protein iso-flavins or isolates or flour! Also, soy contains a digestive enzyme that makes it difficult to digest unless it has been soaked and cooked properly. Usually tofu, milk, tempeh, natto and miso have been prepared in this way. Tempeh, natto and miso have also been fermented so they’re even easier to digest. I love flaxseeds/linseeds for fibre and Omega-3! Hope that helps x

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