7 Lymphatic Detox Tips

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Our body does an amazing job of naturally detoxing. The major organs in the body’s detoxification system include the intestines, liver, kidneys, skin, gallbladder, lungs and lymphatics. A healthy detoxification program will engage all of these major organs. I’ve written about detox foods here.

Today, I’m sharing some tips to support your lymphatic system. The lymphatic system transfers waste and dead cells from our body to the bloodstream ready for detoxification by the liver. It works via the contraction of muscles. Our muscles are contracted via movement/exercise, breathing and manual stimulation (such as dry body brushing or massage).

Dry body brushing – stimulates the lymphatic system to assist with waste elimination. Use a soft, natural fibre body brush and start at the outer extremities (hands and feet) and softly stoke the brush in a circular motion towards the heart.

Exercise – rebounding on a mini trampoline is the best form of exercise for your lymphatic system. Stretching and aerobic exercise are also great options to ensure healthy lymph system movement.

Deep breathing – results in a natural pumping action to assist the lymph fluid transfer waste. Our blood relies on the heart to pump it, whilst our lymph system relies on our breath.

Water – adequate hydration ensures that the lymph fluid can flow properly. Aim for at least 2 litres of water each day.

Massage – all gently massage is fantastic at releasing trapped toxins. However, lymph drainage massages are specially designed to target the lymph flow.

Wholefoods – your lymph system loves fresh fruit, green vegetables and nuts and seeds! The enzymes and acids in fruit naturally cleanse the lymph system. Eat your fruit on an empty stomach to ensure optimal digestion. The chlorophyll found in greens purifies the lymph. Whilst the good fats found in nuts and seeds provides energy to the lymph system.

Herbs – try astragalus, echinacea, goldenseal or wild indigo root herbal tea from your natural health food store.

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