7 Tips for a Healthy Life

Emily Holmes


My top tips for maintaining a healthy life are:

Gratitude – an attitude of gratitude changes your life. Whatever thoughts you consistently hold in your mind is exactly what you will experience and create in your life. It’s not the world against you at all. The world will give you everything you need (and more). This is science – if you need further convincing research epigenetics, the nocebo effect and how our perceptions translate the chemistry of our body. Each day I write down 5 things that I’m grateful for.

Connect with nature – there’s a reason why we feel so refreshed after spending time outdoors. It’s because nature is highly charged with negative ions. Negative ions help relieve stress, increase immunity and enhance vitality. Unfortunately our bodies aren’t absorbing enough negative ions because we’re constantly surrounded by electronic devices, pollutants and environmental toxins which emit positive ions. This is one of the reasons why fatigue, mental health issues and immune disorders are so prevalent today. It’s more important than ever that we get out in nature.

Present moment – learn to breathe deeply and really taste food, etc. Where ever you are, be all there. Too many of us are anxious (living in the future) or depressed (living in the past). We must make a conscious effort to be present.

Move your body – when we’re stressed, our bodies produce cortisol and our blood flows to our arms and legs (because our primal bodies are programmed to run away from threats and predators when we’re stressed). We need to release the cortisol by moving. Don’t place your body under huge amounts of stress when you exercise as you’ll just produce more cortisol. Just aim to move your body in way that feels natural and breaks a sweat.

Meditate – meditation isn’t about silencing the mind. A successful meditation session does not involve zero thoughts. Meditation is about embracing your mind, it’s about accepting thoughts as they come to the forefront, letting them pass through your mind but not acting on them or concentrating on them. Let your mind flow as it pleases. Focus on your breath, focus on the stillness. But remember, it’s okay to have thoughts. The highest form of meditation is sleep – make sure you get 8 hours every night. Our bodies need to recalibrate.

Schedule me time – even if it’s only 5 minutes each day. Schedule some time to do something nourishing for yourself (think body brushing, a mini massage or going for a walk). Me time centres on self love. Self love is about loving yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle and treating yourself like you would treat your best friend – with love, respect and acceptance. We are so mean to ourselves. I would never talk to my best friend the way I talk to myself. My body hears what I say to myself – no wonder we are confused and hurting.

Minimise stressors and simplify your life – learn to say no and prioritise. If you’ve given all you can give, it is okay to say no. We need to recharge. We need alone time. There’s no point in constantly giving, giving and giving because we will come to a stage where won’t be able to truly serve the people we love. Your loved ones will understand if you need to say no.

Do you have any other tips to add to this list?

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