4 Practical Self Love Tips

Emily Jane

If you desire an amazing and abundant life, you have to put yourself first. Putting yourself first (also known as self-love) means prioritising sleep, exercise, nutrition, health and well-being. You have to learn to listen to your body and give it what it needs. This may mean cancelling a night out to ensure you get enough sleep, scheduling non-negotiable morning exercise and meal-prep or turning off all technology after a certain time each night. It also means treating yourself. You might enjoy an uninterrupted cup of herbal tea, a hot bath or a massage. When we’re full (mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually) and happy, we are able to best serve the world, our family, our friends and ourselves. Remember, you cannot truly give to others unless you have given to yourself first.

Here are my top 4 practical self love tips:

Relationship – You need to keep the essence of you and your individuality alive even as your life becomes intertwined with your partner. Make time each week to see friends and do activities/hobbies that interest you. When a relationship becomes your main source of fulfilment, you’ll place a lot of pressure on yourself and your partner to make it work. Alternatively, if you each have your own interests and goals, your relationship flows naturally and the pressure is removed.

Work – You need to set the expectations, structures and timeframes at work. After these are set, you no longer need to feel guilty when not being able to please everyone and you won’t feel the need to take on extra tasks, work overtime and do personal favours. Your co-workers and employers will appreciate the structures you have put in place as they will have a reliable set of expectations surrounding your work.

Friends – Stop chasing friends. The right kind of people will come into your life naturally, depending on your lifestyle, goals and dreams. Focus on creating a life you love, then you’ll find amazing people will enter your life. It’s important to focus on friendships that support you and your goals and gently let go of other friendships that no longer serve you.

Yourself – Start by dedicating me-time each week or each day. Use this time to be by yourself and do something that makes you happy. You might cook yourself a nourishing meal, take a walk or watch a movie, Remember, it’s completely about you and what you feel like doing at that specific time. Enjoy yourself.

Can you add any practical tips to this list?

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