3 Things That Healed Me


Today I’m sharing the 3 things that healed me:

Processing emotions – actually dealing with my emotions was a game changer for me. Realise that it’s okay to feel sad or cry. Actually process emotions so you can move on, rather than reliving them. Counselling – awesome! You can read more about my journey here. I also write down how I’m feeling. For example, I might being with, ‘Today is difficult, I’m feeling overwhelmed, etc’. Don’t think too much, simply write whatever you’re feeling right now in the present tense. After you’ve finished writing, you take a different coloured pen and go back though your words and change everything to the past tense. For example, I would change my writing to, ‘Today WAS difficult, I WAS overwhelmed, etc’. This simple action gets everything out of your head and signifies that it’s okay to feel your emotions but that you’re making a choice to grow and learn from your feelings, rather than dwell on them. Remember, everything that happens to you in life is a lesson. You can either choose to let it destroy you or you can choose to learn and grow from it.

Realising that health is holistic – Stress is worse for your body than gluten, sugar or dairy. I’ve practiced the most restrictive diets, eliminated various food groups, felt guilty for indulging and convinced myself that food and herbs will cure everything. It’s not until I’ve been truly happy, stress-free and relaxed that I’ve healed properly. I tried to heal my digestion troubles with food and herbs alone and it’s not until I realised the true impact that stress has on digestion that I truly healed. A cleanse may assist you physically, but if you have an unhealthy mindset you will not be truly well or heal. We must view health from all angles. It’s impossible to fix or heal something using one approach only. We must engage all facets of the human body (body, mind and soul) in order to truly heal.

Learning to love and trust myself – I often forget to love myself. I care too much about others opinions and pleasing everyone but myself. I am learning to do things for myself, treat myself, nourish my soul and put myself first. I’m learning that it’s not selfish to refill my own cup, so I can pour it into others. I’m learning to love myself as much as I want someone else to. If I asked you to name all the things you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself? If I’m feeling down or overwhelmed my personal mantra is, ‘I am safe, I am loved’. I actually say this out loud while looking in the mirror (if I can) and follow this with 20 deep breaths. This immediately brings me back to the present moment and out of my head. Meditation is also another amazing tool, which I wrote about here. Remember, sleep is the best form of meditation – aim for 8 hours each night.

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