15 Signs You’re a Conscious Foodie

Conscious Foodie

You get high off green juice.

You can tell the temperature outside from the consistency of your coconut oil.

You walk down 2, maybe 3 aisles of the supermarket – that’s it.

You can safely consume the contents of your bathroom cabinet.

You map your life out with a vision board and manifest away.

You count nutrition, not calories.

Your most prized (and expensive!) possessions are your cold-pressed juicer and vitamix/thermomix.

Your pantry is filled with glass jars.

Coconut oil is your answer to everything.

You activate your nuts.

You know what EWG and ACV stand for.

You drink dirt (clay!).

You use essential oils as perfume.

Almond butter makes everything better.

You nodded your head as you read this list.

Can you add any more? Share them with us in the comments below.

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6 responses to “15 Signs You’re a Conscious Foodie

  1. I love this Emily! Here’s my contributions :)
    You know you’re a conscious foodie when…
    *The only chocolate you eat is raw.
    *You always have a glass/stainless steel bottle of purified water.
    *You have herbal tea bags in your handbag.
    *When you say you had pasta for dinner what you actually mean is spiralized zucchini.
    I’ll stop now but I’m sure I good keep going… we’re a funny bunch us concious foodies hey?

  2. The local Organic Farmer’s Market pretty much your favourite place in the entire world, making Sunday morning your favourite time of the week!

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